Satya-WordShirtSatya Life offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Program for both 200- and 500-Hour Certification. Yoga classes are taught in a warm and welcoming environment. Various styles of yoga include flowing yoga, Iyengar-based, core power, therapeutic yoga, and pre-/postnatal yoga. In-depth yoga workshops are offered on a regular basis.

For the person interested in one-on-one guidance, individualized private and semi-private sessions are available. To complement the Indian art of yoga, we also offer the traditional Chinese forms of Tai Chi and Qigong, taught by Master Frankie Hart.  At Satya Life, students are encouraged and supported through all stages of their yoga journey. The highly trained staff enrich and enhance the yoga experience for students of all levels. Prenatal and postnatal students, seniors, and those with physical challenges will especially benefit from the training and experience of the entire faculty. We at Satya Life recognize that yoga is a life journey practiced on and off the mat. With that in mind, our studio gathers often as a community to celebrate being “here now.”

Om mani padme hum.