Beginning Qigong

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Date(s) - Wednesday Feb 28, 2018 - Wednesday Apr 4, 2018
7:15pm - 8:45pm


This course will offer the beginning student the foundation for Qigong exercises in standing and seated forms as well as teach meditations and theories to begin energy cultivation in the Inner Dan Arts.

Our course emphasizes comprehensive self-healing and the possibility of consciousness transformation through balanced standing forms, breathing techniques and creative visualization.

For students who have successfully completed a Qigong course in the Inner Dan Arts at Satya Life Yoga this class will offer the opportunity to continue to practice together, enhancing our ability to “feel qi, get qi, move qi”.

Experience the foundational practice for Qi Healing!

Fees: $120.00 for first time clients & $60.00 for students who have already completed the Beginning Qigong course.

For more information, call Joyce at 863-802-9642.

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