Core Power 2018

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Date(s) - Saturday Feb 3, 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm


How well do you understand the difference between your Superficial Front Line and your Deep Front Line? If you are wondering what I am referring to and want to develop the foundational support of a strong core, this workshop is for you!

Join Frankie and learn how to awaken your deep Power Center where true strength and support are found. This deep front myo-fascial line is your muscular and fascial train that lies like an inner cobra along the front of your spine and holds the secret to finding strength, cordination and better posture.

In this workshop you can feel how core integration ignites your yoga asanas (poses) with dynamic grace and strength.

This workshop is perfect for yoga students of all levels.

Core-strengthening exercises seek to target all the muscles of the torso from top to bottom and front to back, creating a balance that enables yogis to stand tall, whether it be on their feet or on their heads. Yoga in particular strengthens core muscles in such a way that involve stretching and balance consequently enhancing overall flexibility.

Core power is about understanding the natural integration of your diaphragm, abdominal, psoas and back muscles offering the grace and stability of dynamic alignment.

Core strength can improve your asanas and your life!
Inner strength = dynamic power and agility

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