Intermediate Qigong

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Date(s) - Wednesday Apr 5, 2017 - Wednesday May 10, 2017
7:15pm - 8:45pm


A rare chance to study this profound practice of Qigong on a higher level. In Intermediate Qigong, you will learn Small Heaven, also called The Microcosmic Orbit.

This practice is of extreme importance in building the foundation for cultivating energy in the Inner Dan Arts. The Inner Dan Arts is a system of Qigong developed by Master Tianyou Hao and taught by Master Frankie Hart.

Consistent practice of Small Heaven opens the paths of the Ren and Du Mai, the main channels of Yin and Yang energy. The stimulation and free circulation of energy through these channels promotes the flow of energy and blood through the body. Qigong also improves the concentration of your mind producing a profound calming effect. This quiet mind will positively affect your heart rhythm, brain waves, blood pressure, muscle contraction, and breathing. Even more significantly, your mind can then become the master of your energy. As the Mind leads the Qi, the Qi follows the Mind and you can use this Qi to harmonize your life and heal any part of the body.

Qigong practice teaches us to “Get Qi, Feel Qi, Move Qi.”

Fees: $120.00, $60.00 for repeating Intermediate students.
For more information call 863-802-9642.

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