Qi Healing Certification Course with Master Tianyou Hao

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Date(s) - Saturday Jul 15, 2017 - Sunday Jul 16, 2017
1:00pm - 6:00pm


The Qi Healing Certification teaches you two systems of Chinese Medical Qigong.
System I: Non Touch Healing, Hand Healing System, How to Increase Body Qi Function
System II: Special Shao-Lin Stick TherapyCourse Includes: • All Course Materials  • Shao-Lin StickThere will be breaks for meals and tea throughout the days. A Saturday group dinner is optional.

Tianyou Hao is a Scientist, Professor, Engineer and Qigong Healer from Beijing with over 50 years of Qigong experience that he learned from four of the greatest Qigong Masters in China. Since 1988, he has successfully adapted the best of Chinese Qigong to Western culture.  Frankie Hart is a Master Level Qigong Instructor in the Inner Dan Arts System.  She has been studying with Master Hao for over 25 years and is honored to be teaching part of this program. 
What is Chinese Medical Qigong? Chinese Qigong is a science consisting of principles and practices proven for 3000 years to improve health, prevent disease, and generate vitality. Qigong trains individuals to use their minds to adjust and control their life processes with exercises that circulate Qi (life energy) through their body channels. Qigong practices contribute to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Qigong is a gift to our planet. As we learn to nurture ourselves we learn to live in a way that cares for all life around us. This Inner Dan Arts Qigong System was introduced to the U.S. in 1988 by Qigong Master Tianyou Hao.
Chinese Medical Qigong = Self-Healing System + Qi Healing System
Private and Semi-private Qi healing sessions are available to everyone. Call 863.802.9642 to schedule your appointment with Master Hao.