Yoga for Balance

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Frankie Yoga Balance

Date(s) - Saturday Mar 10, 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm


In this new yoga workshop, join Frankie Hart as she explores the aspect of balance in yoga.
Did you know that in an electromyography (EMG) study (which records electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles) the more activated the toes are in standing poses the greater the lower leg muscle activity.  Simply said, this means that we are more successfully targeting the primary balance muscles of the lower leg.  Did you ever wonder why we pay so much attention to the toes in standing poses and the hands in handstands?  Now you know!   These seemingly small kinds of details unlock the secrets to creating stability and adventure in your poses.  How well does your dog balance on two feet? How sturdy is your tree?
Along with mastering the art of sustaining a yoga balance, whether it be on two feet, one foot, your hands, your head, your forearms, your sitting bones, or any of the many choices yoga offers us as “ground support” we also train to support or balance in movement.  It is often in these transitioning movements that we either build key building blocks of strength, mobility and proprioceptive awareness that are the key to achieving the grace and confidence in our practice, or we lose our footing. Practice makes all the difference!
Frankie often says that balance is similar to speaking a foreign language.  If you practice it, it comes back to you.
This workshop is open to yoga students of all levels.  For experienced students, variations will be offered to challenge your yoga. For those who are working on achieving stability in their poses, Frankie will guide you safely into the poses.

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