Spirals: Yoga Revolutions

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Date(s) - Saturday Apr 15, 2017
1:00pm - 4:00pm


Radiate, Revolve & Root

Parvritta = Revolved

Join Frankie Hart as she explores the myo-fascial spiral line of the body. The Spiral Line is a helix-shaped train of muscle and fascia that integrates the body literally from head to foot. A dynamic understanding of this line can spark a new sense of strength, balance and range of motion in any of your poses – from triangle to crow to headstand.

This workshop is perfect for yoga students of all levels.
Empower every yoga revolution! Radiate outward as you root down.

Twisting poses require a commitment of strength to maintain the basic structure of the pose. We need to cultivate balance, stability, and core strength even before we begin to spiral out. In order to find the most freedom and spinal rotation we must powerfully engage the supportive muscles of the legs and deep core. In standing poses, too often, practitioners will attempt to rotate the spine at the shoulder girdle and allow the strength of the core and the support of the legs to go lax in order to achieve the false look of a greater amount of twist.

The obliques (abdominal muscles) are often overlooked in deep twists and the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm become overworked or excessively torqued.

How can we depend on the strength and stability of our core to maintain our balance and initiate the revolution?


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